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NeutralPoint stands for the most import part of a project —being capable of achieving an Architectural meeting-of-the-minds, where owners, users, directors, and design professionals come to an ideological common ground
to obtain the best possible outcome on any and
all Healthcare undertakings.


Every aspect of our Catheterization Labs, Interventional Rooms and other diagnostic and procedural suites, is architecturally crafted so that all best practices are not only planned ahead but tridimensionally identified before they become a successfully built reality.

Our passion resides within the details, the perfect orchestration of disciplines reflected on the final product of our projects.


Conscious approach to USP 797/800, while keeping architecture that provides enjoyable working environment for the pharmacy department. 



Our behavioral health architecture applies evidence-based design that not only seeks the patients safety but also zooms in staff protection at every level for every type of psych population.


Design of Medical Suites that achieve the needs of our clients while creating specific designs to make each project unique.



Whether your Computed Tomography needs are for in-patient or out-patient demands, we ensure every detail of our specialty rooms is thought out to bring efficacy to the medical staff and healing enjoyment to the patients. 

 Top Image: Existing  Bottom Image: Proposed

Top Image: Existing

Bottom Image: Proposed


Owner's budgetary conditions are always taken into account to provide the different architectural solutions when providing facade feasibility studies and comparing facade renderings over options.